Spend 2 Hours Evaluating

and Optimising Your Meetings

A Game Based Tool for Better Meetings

The FACILITATE game Optimise regular meetings is a dialogue and evaluation tool that guides you through a structured and equal discussion about how you can optimise your regular meetings.

When you have finished, you will have generated some action minutes with specific agreements on how to hold your future meetings, e.g., in relation to purpose, meeting management, form of dialogue, frequency, preparation and time management.


  • Common language about the meeting culture among the participants
  • Insights into each other’s expectations for the meetings
  • Get to know each other better in a fun way
  • Meeting improvements that are easy to implement

The game works as an evaluation tool for all kinds of meetings, and is typically played every 6-12 months.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours
Participants: 2-8 participants per game

”The meeting game was both fun and inspiring! It was a good help to achieve a common responsibility for productive meetings in the team.”

– Marie Lommer Bagger, CEO & Co-Founder Measurelet

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