‘Play Your Way’
to Better Meetings

Spend 2 Hours Evaluating and Optimizing Your Meetings

A Game Based Tool for Better Meetings

The meeting game is an evaluation and facilitation tool which, in a playful way, guides the participants through a structured and equal dialogue on how to have more productive and energetic meetings.

Outcome of the Meeting Game:

  • Common language about the meeting culture among the participants
  • Insights into each other’s expectations for the meetings
  • Get to know each other better in a fun way
  • Meeting improvements that are easy to implement

The game works as an evaluation tool for all kinds of meetings, and is typically played every 6-12 months.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours
Number of players: 2-8 people per game

“A very good tool for the ‘back to normality’ phase after Covid-19. The ‘consulting as a boardgame’ is a very powerful concept.”

– Juan Carlos Lozano, CEO Innpactia